Cloud Application Engineer

New Orleans, LA, USA

Job Type
Full Time
Remote / Hybrid

About the Role

As a Cloud Application Engineer, you will play a critical role in our development process by collaborating closely with developers and QA/Analysts. Your expertise and attention to detail will ensure seamless collaboration throughout the entire development lifecycle. Additionally, you will provide invaluable support to our customers and internal staff, guiding them through the deployment and implementation of our software products and associated databases. Working closely with the engineering team, you will contribute to the design and implementation of effective testing tools and techniques, ensuring comprehensive test coverage for our products. Your contributions will directly impact the quality and reliability of our software solutions, enabling us to deliver exceptional results to our clients.


  • Excellent SQL skills, including queries, views, and stored procedures, preferably with MS SQL Server.
  • Proficiency in C#, web development, and frameworks such as ASP.NET Core, MVC, Razor Pages, or ASPX.
  • Strong grasp of automation tools, particularly PowerShell.
  • Data management skills, including XML and SQL server queries.
  • Comfortable with collaboration, open communication, and working across functional borders.
  • Working knowledge of Postman and experience with REST and RESTful APIs.
  • Previous experience working in a Windows environment or hands-on software quality assurance experience.
  • Strong understanding of virtual servers and cloud environments, specifically AWS and Azure.

About the Company

Dynamic Health IT is a well-established technology company specializing in healthcare solutions. Headquartered in New Orleans, our team has been on the leading edge of both interoperability and quality measures through involvement in FHIR and CDA standards. We are dedicated to transforming the healthcare industry by providing innovative software solutions that streamline workflows, improve patient outcomes, and enhance the overall healthcare experience. Be part of a dynamic team and join us on our mission to transform healthcare through technology.