DHIT guides EHR vendors through every step of the ONC Certification journey:

HTI-1 Gap Analysis
gap analysis for vendors

Should I only certify for ‘Base EHR’ criteria?

  • System Assessment
    We analyze your EHR software for conformance with a targeted measure set and identify functionality gaps
  • Certification Roadmap
    We produce a detailed report to inform “build vs buy” decisions, identifying critical success factors
  • Cost Savings
    We credit back most of the Gap Analysis cost after purchasing one of our certified software solutions 
ONC Certification Guidance
ONC certification for vendors

Ready to certify or re-certify?

  • Software Integration
    You may use DHIT’s certification or re-certify as a white labeled solution
  • Mock Certification Testing
    DHIT ensures your EHR is fully prepared for successful certification
  • Proctor Testing Support
    DHIT can lead or support proctor testing and offer guidance regarding self-attestation
ONC Conditions of Certification
Real World Testing for vendors

How can DHIT help with ongoing maintenance?

  • Real World Testing (RWT)
    DHIT offers development and consulting of RWT plans and test execution
Production & Go Live Support
data exchange, interoperability, and other solutions for vendors

What solutions does DHIT offer beyond certification?

  • Quality Measures
    DHIT is currently engaged in the active development of FHIR based measures tailored for both ambulatory and hospital reporting.
  • Interoperability
    Work with DHIT on adding data elements into your specialty C-CDA and FHIR production use cases.
  • Patient Engagement
    Empower patients by connecting Dynamic FHIR API and PHRs
  • HTI-1 Consulting
    DHIT will take the lead guiding your team on the requirements set forth in the HTI-1 rule.

Need ONC certification or consulting?

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