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Our Interoperability experts leverage Dynamic Health IT’s ONC-certified software solutions to help you achieve interoperability goals and streamline ONC certification. Whether certifying an EHR for ONC requirements, plugging in a certified product, or integrating with providers, applications, or HIEs, DHIT has your solution. See why over 75 EHR systems use DHIT applications as Relied-Upon Software.

Our Expertise in Interoperability


Care Coordination

    Secure, seamless sharing of patient information on-demand via SMART FHIR API to apps and health systems ignites interoperability
  • Public Health
    We support Bi-directional connections for Immunization Registries, eCR, syndromic surveillance, and more

DHIT Solution
Dynamic FHIR API satisfies all requirements for ONC FHIR APIs using SMART technology, enabling streamlined care coordination.

Patient looking at medical record

Patient Engagement

  • Secure Access
    Providing patients secure access to their health information anytime anywhere, promoting active involvement in their care 
  • Patient-Care Team Collaboration
    Patients engage in shared decision-making with their care team

DHIT Solution
Dynamic FHIR API & ConnectEHR Patient Portal give patients instant access to their data via FHIR API for use in Personal Healthcare Apps such as Apple Health & MyLinks.

Quality with Qualified Registry

Clinical Quality Data Insights

  • Data Aggregation
    Interoperability enables aggregation of data from diverse sources, opening valuable insights for quality measures, research, public health reporting
  • Population Health Analytics
    Aggregated data allows for targeted intervention for specific ailments, diseases, patient groups, and communities

DHIT Solution
CQMsolution is an industry-leading clinical quality measure data calculation engine that offers EHRs, HIEs, Registries, The Joint Commission HCOs, Hospitals, and Physicians access to Clinical Data Analysis to provide quality data insights for CQM performance.

Continuity of Care

  • Closing the referral loop
    When a patient visits a specialist, the PCP sends the patient’s medical data via a Referral Note C-CDA and then receives a Consultation C-CDA back from the specialist so both providers are kept up-to-date
  • ADT messages
    If a patient has an ER visit, ADT messages alert the PCP and the PCP can pull down data to their EHR from the hospital or HIE via a CCD

DHIT Solution
The Interface Engine(TIE) data throughput is second to none in delivery of all HL7 v2 data and clinical documents (CCD, C-CDA, etc.)

ConnectEHR generates and consumes all types of HL7 C-CDAs with USCDI v1-v3 and transforms the data to FHIR, empowering systems with a powerful FHIR datastore.

Doctors reviewing

Medical Error Reduction

  • Share patient data
    Quickly receive patients’ health information, leveraging the USCDI standard (our products support all versions through USCDIv3)
  • Exchange data via C-CDA, FHIR, or HL7v2
    We follow industry-standard implementation guides and use standard coding systems to prevent misinterpretation of data

DHIT Solution
Dynamic Software Suite ensures your EHR is always the source of truth and enables data transformation between other healthcare practitioners, health systems, HIEs and health information networks.

Cost Reduction

Cost Saving & Increased Efficiency

  • Streamlined Administrative processes
    Automatic exchange of administrative data, patient demographics, insurance information, and Electronic Intake forms reduces manual effort and deduplicates tasks

DHIT Solution
Dynamic Software Suite offers modular bolt-on ONC 2015 Edition Cures Update Certification, fast-tracking your roadmap to achieve certification.

Our Software Supports:

We support connections for PHRs, EHR Launch, and B2B (Business to Business System) Bulk Data Exchange

DHIT can enable integration with your chosen QHIN.

C-CDA Data
We provide C-CDA Data Exchange for USCDI v1, v2 and V3

HIE Data Hub

HIE Data Exchange
We enable seamless and secure HIE Data Exchange for sharing of vital patient information

HIE Data Hub

Our software supports any HL7v2 scenario, ensuring standardized efficient communication of healthcare data

Public Health Reporting

Public Health Reporting
We support Bi-directional connection for Immunization Registries, eCR, syndromic surveillance, and more

Interoperability Software

Dynamic FHIR Software

CEHRT: 170.315(g)(7-9) (g)(10)

ConnectEHR Software

CEHRT: 170.315(b)(1,4-8)(f)(1,2)

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CEHRT: 170.315 (e)(1-3)

CEHRT: 170.315(c)(1-4)

Let us help you with all your interoperability requirements.