The Interface Engine is a full-featured environment for all your HL7® needs


The Interface Engine (TIE) is a complete middleware package focused on implementing the healthcare information exchange standards defined by HL7 International, both Version 2.x messaging and Clinical Documents (CDA). TIE (formerly known as HL7Connect) is both powerful and easy to use. TIE manages messages and documents, and exchanges them using a wide variety of transport mechanisms. In addition, you can build integration using VBScript or Javascript, or any DotNet or COM capable language, or use TIE from your own application. Download a trial and find out why it is your best choice today.

HL7® and CDA are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International

TIE Screenshot


  • Simple browser-based screens for developing, maintaining and monitoring interfaces
  • Facilitates easy management of HL7 feeds using TCP/IP, web services, FTP and file-based protocols
  • Converts between HL7 and other data formats, such as CCDA, CCD and CCR Clinical Documents, XML, fixed or delimited files and ANSI X-12
  • The message editor enables viewing, downloading, tabulation and re-transmission of stored messages – both raw and interpreted
  • Processes incoming messages for storage, routing, validation, and manipulation.

Use Cases

Bi-Directional HIE Connections

ConnectEHR creates C-CDAs and TIE will securely transport the XML via XDS to HIEs. If your EHR creates C-CDAs, TIE can send them to Healthix or Lanes via XDS.


We convert your HL7 ADT and RDE messages to RxNT Web Service calls. The result is a seamless ePrescribing process with TIE.

Bi-Directional Immunization

Send immunization data to your registry and download patient immunization history to meet PI public Health reporting requirements.

HL7v2 Transformation and Transport

One-to-many and many-to-one message routing using all major messaging protocols. Convert and map all types of messages.

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