Accountable Care Organizations

DHIT navigates ACO challenges for successful submission:

gap analysis for vendors

Can DHIT aggregate data from multiple EHRs?

  • QRDA Merge
    CQMsolution will merge QRDA I with patient & data matching, de-duplication
  • Data Collection
    We provide multiple methods of data flow for providers on certified EHRs, including QRDA I collection via our IQ API. With over 75 EHR integrations, we may already be partnered with your EHR. 
Quality Measures
ONC certification for vendors

Do you support ACO Measures?

  • ACO Measures
    We support the most recent version of all ACO measures.
  • Performance Dashboard
    Quality measures are displayed on a user friendly dashboard with each measure showing performance score and patient count in numerator, denominator, etc.
  • Drilldown
    Our solution provides the ability to view the measure logic for each patient.
MSSP Submission
Real World Testing for vendors

Can you submit on our behalf to the Medicare Shared Savings Program?

  • Quality, Promoting Interoperability (PI), Improvement Activities (IA)
    Our Qualified Registry user Interface utilizes the same SSO from CQMsolution for the option to manually enter PI data as well as easy check boxes for IA.
  • Scoring over time
    We provide forecast scores for each measure set that are displayed on a graph.  Forecasted Scoring will allow you to see your score prior to submitting to QPP.

DHIT ACO White Paper

Navigating eCQM Reporting Challenges for Medicare ACOs

“In the landscape of healthcare, the rise of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) within Traditional Medicare brings both opportunities and hurdles. As CMS incentivizes providers to join ACOs, the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care accelerates…”

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