Meditech Connect – A Great Resource!

Dynamic Health IT recently discovered a great, new website called Meditech Connect and is proud to be the first vendor to join the Meditech Connect network. The site, ‘built by meditech users for meditech users’, is a great resource to anyone who works with any version of the Meditech systems. Meditech Connect’s membership has reached over 700 members and is rapidly gaining more support every day.

The Meditech Connect site offers something for everyone. Once you are a member (and membership is free!) you can join groups, read and post blogs, start discussions in the group forums, post job listings, participate in live events, and much more!

Meditech Connect offers Groups such as NPR and RD Report Writers, Old Faithful Magic Users, 6.0 Users, etc. This allows the members to get involved in topics they are interested in and can benefit from versus being included in all discussion. Once you join a group, you can post to the Discussion Forum and see other members in the group. You can also send a message to the group which is delivered to members in an email.

Blogs are also available on Meditech Connect. A hot topic on the Meditech Connect site in recent weeks has been the ‘Meditech 6.0 experience’ due to many articles coming out about 6.0 falling short on software and integration. With different Meditech Connect users weighing in on this topic, it has been interesting to read the differing opinions of the members. This information could be extremely useful information if you were contemplating an upgrade to 6.0.

Another informative service that Meditech Connect offers is Events that the site coordinates and hosts. For instance, on November 11th Meditech hosted Report Writer Friday’s, a social event to allow fellow NPR Report Writer’s to ‘get together and talk shop’. This is a fun way for members to ask questions of other experts or just network with users.

If you are a Meditech consultant, hospital, or vendor, you should definitely check out this site and take advantage of this great resource!