Updated HITECH Stage 1 Certification Info

ONC has announced that ATCBs can accept contracts to certify for HITECH Stage 1 up until fiscal year 2014, which starts 10/1/2013 for hospitals and 1/1/2014 for eligible professionals. 

ATCB contracts that are executed prior to the Stage 2 Final Rule effective date (October 3, 2012) will still be able to certify to the Temporary Certification Program Requirements.   However, if you sign a contract with an ATCB to certify on Stage 1 after the Stage 2 Final Rule effective date, you will be held to the Permanent Certification Program Requirements which include price transparency, public test results, etc.

So, if you still need to certify your EHR on Stage 1 and you want to test under the Temporary Certification Program Requirements, sign up with an ATCB before October 3rd! 

Contact Dynamic Health IT if you need assistance with  your Stage 1 or Stage 2 certification!

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