ConnectEHR – DHIT’s Stage 2 Software!

Now that the 2014 Edition Stage 2 Final Rule has been released, Dynamic Health IT has been hard at work designing and developing our new ConnectEHR product. ConnectEHR will be a web-based application with a number of supporting DLL’s and Services which work with the application to deliver the functionality.  This application will be tested for a number of the interoperability modules in Stage 2 of HITECH Certification.

The following are the modules ConnectEHR is designed to meet:

  • 170.314(a) (15) Patient-specific education resources
  • 170.314(b) (1) Transitions of care – receive, display, and incorporate transition of care/referral summaries
  • 170.314(b) (2) Transitions of care – create and transmit transition of care/referral summaries
  • 170.314(b) (5) Incorporate laboratory test and values/results.
  • 170.314(b) (6) Inpatient setting only- transmission of electronic laboratory tests and values/results to ambulatory providers
  • 170.314(d) (1) Authentication, access control, and authorization.
  • 170.314(d) (2) Auditable events and tamper resistance.
  • 170.314(d) (3) Audit Log
  • 170.314(d) (5) Automatic log-off
  • 170.314(d) (6) Emergency access
  • 170.314(d) (7) Encryption of data at rest.
  • 170.314(d) (8) Integrity.
  • 170.314(e) (1) View, download, and transmit to 3rd party.
  • 170.314(e) (2) Ambulatory setting only-clinical summaries
  • 170.314(e) (3) Ambulatory setting only-secure messaging
  • 170.314(f) (2) Transmission to immunization registries.
  • 170.314(f) (3) Transmission to public health agencies – Syndromic Surveillance
  • 170.314(f) (4) Inpatient setting only- transmission of reportable laboratory tests and values/results.
  • 170.314(g) (1) Automated numerator recording.
  • 170.314(g) (4) Quality Management

Our challenge when designing this application was to develop a user-friendly, certifiable solution that could be easily integrated with our client’s systems to meet 2014 Edition Certification. It had to be compatible with EHR’s running on many different technology platforms. Also, DHIT wanted to ensure that the combination of base EHR plus ConnectEHR would provide a seamless user experience and not degrade workflow or require extraneous screens or keystrokes. We wanted to make sure that the combined EHR package would please end users as well as meeting HITECH requirements.

DHIT plans to certify ConnectEHR with an ONC-Authorized Certification Body (ONC-ACB) after the first of the year.