Meeting the Percentages


50% and 5% are thresholds for the Meaningful Use Stage 2
(2014 Edition) View, Download & Transmit requirement (VDT) – one of the
toughest Stage 2 requirements for both vendors & providers.

Post-encounter, a minimum of 50% of patients must have
on-line access to key clinical data and 5% must actually view, download or
transmit this data.

The vendor certification requirement is:   § 170.314(e)(1) : View, Download and Transmit to 3rd Party

CCDA documents must be
loaded to the patient portal and available for the patient to:
  • View Human Readable format
  • Download in XML format
  • Transmit via Direct Protocol
The Required Code sets for CCDA: 
 Smoking Status, Procedures, Problems and Care plan – SNOMED-CT
 Medications and Medication Allergies – RxNorm
 Laboratory Tests and Values/Results – LOINC

CCDA (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture) XML format with Common MU Data Set

A certified EHR must provide patients (and their authorized representatives) with online VDT.  Specifically, this requires:

  • Support for Direct Protocol, including HISP (Health Information Services Provider)
  • Online Patient Portal with “authorized representative” capabilities
  • Portal must meet WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)