Dynamic Code Mapper

Mapping codes from
one system to another can be a big job, and not a pleasant one!
Many of our clients face a long, tedious process of mapping codes from one system to another. For example, LabCorp and Quest , the two major reference labs both require orders to be submitted with proprietary codes unlike those used elsewhere.
Our challenge was to develop and deploy a user‐friendly but powerful tool to automate as much of the time‐consuming mapping process as possible while ensuring maximum accuracy.
First, we developed a traditional Windows application to be used on a local PC for code mapping and that was successful in pilot testing. 
Next we developed our optimal solution which is a web-based application that provides easy access and collaboration in a multi‐user environment, while at the same time eliminates the need to install software locally and avoids deployment and installation issues. 
The web‐based version is available via subscription and is offered for a limited time with a one month free trial.
the Dynamic Code Mapper the dread of matching codes and descriptions is now a
task that can be confidently accomplished with ease and efficiency.
Features of the Dynamic Code Mapper: 
  • Easy CSV/ Excel
    file upload
  • Automatic cleanup
    of imported Codes/Descriptions 
  • Codes matched with
    probabilistic logic 
  • Minimal keystrokes
    to tie possible matches 
  • Save, Share, &
    Export Projects

Click here to read our White Paper.
If you are interested in the one month free trial, please contact DHIT at 504 309-9103.